mamvura 1
Mamvura – the water goddess

If you grew up in a home like mine, in a country like the one on my passport then you will know of the mystical, mythical,  eternally strong creature that I am about to share with you. She is  one of those creatures that if Warner Brothers or Disney were to hear about they scramble to put her in one of their movies. She can be found in history, in religion (for even Jesus met her at well in some place) and is still alive to this day. She goes by so many different names and auspices, so for political correctness I will call her Mamvura – the water goddess. An emblem of rural livelihood, her skills are foundational in the rites of passage into womanhood. Although long revered in our communities today I put my neck out and say death to her! Continue reading “A time for the water goddess to die!”