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November 2013


Image courtesy of Dunia Magazine
Image courtesy of Dunia Magazine

Wangu anoshanda a’skana ~ Mine is hard working girls

Wangu anoda zvekungodya ~ Mine loves eating (too much)

Wangu ndiri kumudzinga next week, mama vachingo svika nemumwe kumusha ~ I’m dismissing mine next week as soon as my mother comes with another from the rural areas

Such is the maid related rhetoric in Zimbabwe. When women speak about ‘their’ maids there is a sense of strong ownership which transcends the permissible employer-employee category into a sort of slave-slaver owner category. Continue reading “MAID FOR WHO?”


No One Can Represent Me

Women in politics campaign
Women in politics campaign

 “I did not go home to vote today. I already knew my ‘candidate’ was not on the ballot paper.  All of the ballot papers, Presidential, parliamentary, local government. She was not there.” Everjoice – Zimbabwean Blogger

In the July 2013 election aftermath feminists around the country woke up from the post-election depression to some disturbing news. Following the re-election of President Robert Mugabe, a new cabinet had been drafted….as expected. Continue reading “No One Can Represent Me”

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